The John Wayne Rieder Virtual Gallery features works that span several decades and include a variety of styles and subject matters.  For your convenience we have separated them into smaller collections and may even constitute an exhibit with a particular focus.

Dead President's Exhibit

 This  7 member collection provides vivid colorful portraits of these historic personages consistent with the original engravings.  Some historic research provided information regarding eye, hair and facial colors consistent with verbal references from the time of these great individuals.  

Durer Collection

Albrecht Durer served as a major influence from early years.  His woodcut work in particular served as a catalyst for the evolution of a new painting approach for John.

70's Collection

Art work from the 70' mostly school related and centered on acrylic, pencil, pen and ink


80's Collection

In the 80's the focus was on study.  Davinci, Durer, materials of the artist, manuscript illumination and northern paining techniques (Flemish).

90's Collection

Work in the 90's included water base media in sports as well as some commission work and work to expand personal interests.

21st Century Collection

After the turn of the century there was work done in digital photography, computer generated art and ultimately the movement into the Liberty paintings which featured a more traditional approach to oil painting.