The Journey

The Artist - John Wayne Rieder

"I grew up in the late 50’s into the 60’s as the second oldest son of a hard working mother that had the burden of raising 5 children on her own...  This environment presented challenges and was sometimes dampening to the spirit.  My mother’s admonition was to be independent, work hard and find your way. I carried this into my growth as an artist and a man and as I began to get formal education in the arts I sought to find how I would best express my creative impulses.  The visual arts were for me, but what form would that take.  I worked in all media; water, oil, pencil, chalk, acrylic and studied the artists that most appealed to my inner artist.  Therein I had embarked on a journey in an unknown direction and duration that would continue my life long "

I studied the artist's, read their notes, where available', and even experimented with their painting.  I ground pigment into paint, experimented with different kinds of oil and made painting medium using old recipes for dissolving gum damar in turpentine.  I was driven to come to terms with a strong creative impulse that possessed an unavoidable intellectual, or technical slant.  Technique and application methogs became as critical to the work as the composition.

Glass palette - Paint and Materials 
Portrait - The artist

I worked with different media and different subject matter, trying to connect to 'my' art in a visceral a technique that allowed my creative energy to flow, satisfying my creative drive.  I had always expressed a belief that "...each step you take in life only adds to the journey and leads you to a destination...even if you don't know what it is".    Ultimately the steps in my journey would result in a experimentation in application technique that would enable me to finally fulfill both my creative aspirations as well as my mother's admonition to 'find your way'.