Mayan Cultural Inspiration

Certain aspects of various cultures have been a strong influence on John.  The art, architecture and language of the Mayan civilization in particular was very influential in the use of descriptive lines in both language and painting.  In addition to creative work incorporating Mayan culture John has also preserved in painted form some of the most significant stone carvings from Yaxchilan featuring their ruler 'Shield Jaguar'.   A series of three original oil paintings of Mayan lintel carvings from  Yaxchilan featuring Lady Kʻabʻal Xook or Lady Xoc 

 was a Mayan Queen consort of Yaxchilan and Yaxchilan ruler Itzamnaaj Bahlam (Shield Jaguar) .  Lady Xoc is considered to have been one of the most powerful and prominent women in Maya civilization and these carvings are considered among the finest ever carved in Mayan history and are the work of one and the same artist.

Lintel 24,  depicting Lady Xoc drawing a barbed rope through her tongue.
Lintel 25 Lady Xoc and the Vision Serpent as she serves up her blood offering.
Lintel 26 Lady Xoc prepares the Mayan ruler Shield Jaguar, for battle

Original oil paintings featuring aspects of the Mayan culture including; language, architecture, economy, philosophy/religion.