Classic Art in a Modern Age 

"As humans we are driven to express our internal states which are the result of the stimuli we encounter in our world.  Those expressions range from simple to complex and may even be considered artistic. The techniques one uses to 'craft' artistic expressions vary by individual, and when best employed, suit the character of the artist and increase the inherent value of the expression."

Classical art is as much about the subject matter as it is about technique, or visual presentation.  The representation of the human form, and portrait in painting ranged from beauty and grace in the true classic era,  to more common treatment of mankind and his world as painting evolved.  

In the renaissance it was evident that the beauty of subject matter and it's presentation possessed an allure that captured the mind and sometimes the heart.  This site exposes the journey taken by one artist to maintain the beauty and classic nature of oil painting while bending the technique in a fresh and modern way.  

The application technique used to create visual art has become the primary focus of my work in later years.   The application of oil paint and the tools used to apply that paint have a definite impact on the  how the final work is perceived by the viewer.

Shape, form, line and all fundamental components come thru, influenced by the methods used to apply paint to canvas.  I hope you enjoy.